Bridle Bit Beef Testimonials

"I got half a cow in 2020. The flavor of this meat is absolutely divine! The uniform fat marbling and the texture is wonderful. When I run out I will buy again. I trust this family and this ranch for beef and horses."

Destiny Godin

"This spring we purchased 2.5 beefs from the Bridle Bit Ranch. Their customer service from beginning to end was top notch and professional. They kept us up to date as our cow grew on the ranch and when it neared butcher time. Once processed they delivered our beef to our home and help offload and stack the boxes. They went through each box to verify we had all the correct cuts and amounts. They also had our before and after weights for us. The first night we cooked beef from the ranch. It was by far the best cuts of meat we have ever had from any Pasture Raised beef we have purchased from over the years, this being our first from Bridle Bit Ranch. I would recommend them to anyone that would like not only quality meat but quality service as well. We will be buying from Bridle Bit from here forth."

Brandon Martin

"The service was exceptional. Everything was explained to me as far as how it was wrapped and prepared. I like the way they raise their beef with lots of good old-fashioned grass time. They delivered it to me in a freezer truck so it came to me ready to drop in my freezer. We've cooked a rump roast, T Bones, and hamburgers so far and the flavor has been perfect. In fact it's the best I've had in many many years. Highly recommend them."

Connie Grippin

"We have certainly enjoyed our beef...the taste, texture and tenderness has been a real delight! This was our first experience cooking with fresh meat and there is no comparison!  We will certainly be a repeat customer."

Gary and Reba Burns

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