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We got two horses from Bridle Bit Ranch,  a line back dun mare 2018 and a dun colt 2019.  Both have proven to be amazing horses so far we have started Harley under saddle and she does amazing in the hills and arena. Great minded horses.  Tucker our 2019 stud colt, we are able to turn out with the rest of our herd with out an issue. We couldn't ask for better horses.

Heather Swaim

Heather Swaim

Bridle Bit Ranch were great to work with! They sent me videos and pictures of Angel, her parents and siblings. They were patient with the snail mail check I had to send, delivered 'Angel' and gave me a rope halter and lead to-boot! Plus, they let me pick out a great Bridle Bit cap that I wear in the hot AZ sun when training the horses and Bridle Bit Ranch bumper stickers for our truck - so fun! THANKS Bridle Bit Ranch!

I love the Hancock Line. They have a great mind and are kind horses. Their overall willingness to cooperate and learn new things makes them the perfect student. Plus, the Hancock body shape is classic AQHA. Their athletic ability comes out elegantly as they move at a long-stride walk, smooth trot, slow canter and get-out-of-town gallop.

Cheryl Sherman

Cheryl Sherman

Bridle bit is an amazing Ranch . I cant tell you how happy I am with my horse Whiskey. She is a quick learner easy goer, and her temperament is wonderful. She is just a joy to teach. I fell in love with Brittany (one of the ranch managers) willingness to communicate & give me the honest truth about her horses. I know I have picked a great horse for years to come. I am extremely thankful to Bridle Bit Ranch for every smooth sailing step of the way the process was to buy from them. Highly recommend them for all your horse accommodations.

Marissa Navarrette

Marissa Navarrette

Huge huge thank you to Bridle Bit Ranch for helping me find my dream horse!!
Brittany was so pleasant to talk to & so informative about everything ! I put my deposit down on one filly and received updates and pictures for 3 months which was amazing ! I loved it so much I put another deposit down on a filly! Fast forward to pick up day!
Which I had to move around and they worked with me so much. We get there and meet the rest of the crew, everyone was so nice and friendly. They loaded the horses and just worked with the horses so amazing, which I loved to know they came from caring , knowledgeable people!
They even checked in on us to make sure we made it home safe & how the girls were doing.
I WOULD HIGHLY recommend Bridle Bit Ranch to anyone looking for a solid , good minded , athletic horse !
Thank you again Guys for the amazing horses, I will definitely be back when I get my next horse from you guys !!

Cassandra Borea

Cassandra Borea

Big shout out to Bridle Bit Ranch, as this was the best experience from the start. We were fortunate enough to come across Bridle Bit Ranch, plus meeting Tom and Brittany as they welcomed us to their ranch. On arrival I connected with my new horse Red Hot Sol Cat right out the gate. To be honest, it was hard to make a decision because they are all nice quarter horses. We highly recommend Bridle Bit Ranch as we are going to purchase a couple more horses going forward. Thanks for keeping in touch Brittany, great job and Red is doing great. Also, shout out to Coy with the awesome horsemanship. See you Soon!

Phil Freeland

I purchased four fillies from Bridle Bit Ranch this last year. A 2016 filly, and three 2018 fillies to add to my lineup of quality horses. My 2016 filly was bought first and turned out so great, I had to get some more with similar minds and breeding. All were a pleasure to speak with and made everything go smoothly. Brittany was very patient and answered all of my questions. She kept me informed on one of the fillies as AQHA was having issues with her paperwork. Brittany kept me in the loop through the whole process and as soon as the paperwork came in without issue, we headed up to pick up the 2018 fillies.

All have great minds and are extremely smart and willing horses. My 2016 filly was started and had 90 days training put on her and has been a dream to ride. She has become my trail partner and one of my go to horses for moving cows and performing search and rescue on the trails around Pinal county. Within 30 days of starting she was being ridden by a 12-year-old at rodeos and trail rides. During the process of selecting my fillies I had lot of questions and wanted many pictures of different horses to help narrow down my decision when I arrived at the ranch.

The first time I showed up at the ranch I was greeted kindly and professionally by all parties there. They showed me around the ranch, and we walked to see the stud horses that sired my fillies. Bridle Bit Ranch truly does care for their horses, in affection and quality. Temperament was my biggest concern but when I saw how they worked with their horses and were so knowledgeable about their breeding, personalities, and temperament I felt at ease. I was absolutely floored that they knew so much about each individual horse (most breeding ranches don't know all the details about their stock).

After my purchases I have received texts and calls from Brittany asking how they were doing and general updates. She has also helped answer questions in regard to transferring ownership papers as I had a little trouble with one NFQHA form (my error as it was my first time dealing with NFQHA). Bridle Bit Ranch is a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend them to anyone searching for a quality horse from a quality quarter horse breeding program. I am sending one of my broodmares to them in spring of 2020 as well, because they have brought in more fantastic lines.

Aaron Quella

Back in October I went out to Bridle Bit Ranch to look at a filly. Brittany and Coy were great to work with. Brittany was on top of everything her response rate is impeccable. Coy took us out to see the horses. He is very knowledgable and honest.

The original filly I went to look at was great, but was a little on the small side for myself. Brittany recommended Baby Sol Jazz. She said she was going to be big and she wasn't kidding when she said her momma was the biggest mare out there. I knew right away which one she was. I knew then she was the one for me.

The ranch was kind enough to deliver Baby Sol Jazz aka "Jazzy" to my property in Surprise. From day 1 she has been the sweetest filly. She is very easy going and level headed. I couldn't say enough about her. She is my sidekick for sure, personality for days!

I would recommend  Bridle Bit Ranch to anyone looking for a great horse. They didn't let me down for sure. Definitely will be back for another great horse in the future.

Thank you Bridle Bit Ranch I couldn't of asked for a better horse.

Tiffany Klemstine

Tiffany Klemstine

A few weeks ago we purchased Arizona Sol Rose, a 2018 QH mare.
Brittany was very friendly and happy to answer every question I had and was very responsive. Their foreman Coy was also very friendly and polite and happy to help us to pick a horse. What really convinced me was their honesty about the horses. They made sure to tell me everything about their character and personality, showed me both Arizona Sol Roses dam and sire and it was just an all around positive experience.

I couldn't be happier with my very smart, friendly and athletic filly and I recommend the Bridle Bit Ranch to anybody who is looking for well bred, good minded and easy to train horses.

Luisa Freudenberg

Luisa Freudenberg

A BIG Thank you to Bridle Bit Ranch! First Brittany was wonderful! She responded to all of our calls and if she didn’t have an answer she would call us right back with an answer. I grew up on my Grandfathers ranch just out of Coolidge and was exposed to horses. I never had trained one or broke one because, he made sure he did so, I had a great horse. So, 40 years later I decided after moving back to Coolidge, that is was my time to have my own horse. Poor Brittany, I had a lot of questions and still had some after purchasing my girl “Whisper”. When we first went to the ranch everyone was so kind and they let us take our time with picking my life long friend. Tom was very straight forward and honest, my husband and I felt so comfortable working with him. He told us good and bad (if any) on each horse. We got to spend some time with Royal Six Sol now known as “Whisper” and she was wonderful. I had our teenage kids with us and one moment that stood out to us all was meeting “ Coy “ the Foreman. When he came to introduce himself he went to shake my hand and removed his hat. To some that is normal but, to some city kids it stood out. To witness a true gentleman and the respect he had for others truly stood out so much, it was a topic of conversation on the way home. When we finally decided on Whisper and making arrangements to get her to us, it just felt right. Coy and his family brought Whisper to us on Labor Day weekend. During his time at our house, he gave us advice and answered a lot of questions. I couldn’t thank you more Coy for your time and making sure all was good before you left. We hope to see you at the Rodeo in Coolidge this winter. I can honestly say with out question this is my best experience purchasing ANYTHING! I would (without hesitation) recommend “Bridle Bit Ranch” to anyone looking to purchase healthy, strong, good demeanor and beautiful horse to anyone. We are looking to add property to our current home and if it all works out, I will be back to purchase another life long friend. Thank you Brittany, Tom and Coy you made my experience memorable for sure!

Tammy Trout

Tammy Trout

I can’t say enough great things about Bridle Bit Ranch! Having been in the horse business for over 40 years, I can’t remember having a more pleasant and honest horse transaction. I originally responded to an ad on Dreamhorse that had a very well-done video which I think represented the gelding very well. From the outset, Brittany was friendly and extremely responsive to my inquiry, sending me additional information and videos regarding the gelding that was posted for sale. She went out of her way to meet my needs and set up a showing. Throughout the entire process, and even afterwards, Brittany was friendly and open to answering my questions and texts.

Once at the Ranch, Coy, the foreman, and his family were equally as friendly, open, and accommodating, as was Tom the owner of the Ranch. There were no high-pressure sales tactics or embellishing of what Knob is as a horse. What impressed me the most was how honest and friendly everyone at Bridle Bit Ranch is and how much they care about their horses.  Overall, the experience was very pleasant, easy, and enjoyable.

I think want truly sold me on Bridle Bit Ranch was what happened next. During the week between me buying Knob and picking him up, my gelding that I had for 19 years passed away unexpectedly. I asked Brittany if she had another horse like Knob for sale and she and Tom agreed to have me try Blue, a horse that had been in their family for years. I rode him and really liked him. He fit me perfectly! He turned out to be just want I needed. I can’t express my gratitude enough to Bridle Bit Ranch for such a nice horse after losing my gelding.

I am so very happy with the two gelding that I purchased from Bridle Bit Ranch! They are both sweet, healthy, and nice riding geldings with exceptional minds! They are exactly what I was looking for in nice, calm, broke horses. I will not hesitate to come back for more horses in the future; the yearlings are exceptional! I highly recommend Bridle Bit Ranch to anyone looking for a nice, quality Quarter Horse.

Sarah Lind
 Tucson, AZ

Sarah Lind

Want to give a big shout out to everyone at Bridle Bit Ranch.  I originally responded to an ad for a horse for sale, but the horse had just sold.  Brittany took the time to ask what I was looking for, and suggested another horse that was at the ranch. The horse they matched me with turned out to be perfect for what I wanted.

Everyone was very accommodating, allowing me to try the horse out on a Sunday morning, rode with me while I “test drove” him, allowed me to try him working some cattle, and answering all of my questions.

During the time between when I test rode him, and picked him up a week later….they were always very willing to answer additional questions that I had. Even made of video of him doing/accepting things I asked about. They were very straight forward through the entire deal.

I am very happy with the horse I bought….and everyone at Bridle Bit Ranch was open, friendly, and made the whole experience very easy. I would definitely check with them again if/when I am in the market for another horse.  I would recommend that anyone looking for a horse check with them first.

And….if you are in the market for a weanling/yearling…..definitely check out their babies!!  Absolutely some of the best Quarter Horse babies I have seen in a long time!

Karin Berndt
 Queen Creek, AZ

Karin Berndt

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